Lisp51 in Java

Note: You must have J2SE 1.4.0 or above to make this applet work. You can download the jar file below.

To run the program, you must download both the jar file and init.lisp. Place both of these files in the same directory, and use the following command to run JLisp51:

java -classpath Lisp51.jar Lisp51

JLisp51 is a simple lisp interpreter best for teaching. Background on the project may be found here. Programs that don't utilize "obscure" (self-referentially defined as "unimplemented") features should run fine. To get a taste of what JLisp51 is capable of, here's a list of programs to try. Clicking on the links will lead you to the lisp source. To run them, type (LOAD "filename.lisp") and follow the directions in the lisp listener window.

  1. The jar file (DON'T try to load this into the interpreter!). Lisp51.jar
  2. The initialization file (loaded automatically on startup). init.lisp
  3. The times table (designed to test the garbage collector). 9x9.lisp
  4. The Tower of Hanoi. hanoi.lisp
  5. Graph coloring. color.lisp
  6. The MERLIN puzzle (based on a popular X game -- ace_merlin -- and also because a program very much like this one was the very first computer program I ever wrote (back then in C)). merlin.lisp